Share Sikhi

We believe that not sharing Sikhism with others is un-Sikh and anti-Sikh behavior. Also sharing Sikhism strengths our own faith as we debate and discuss with others. It helps us research into our own scriptures and gain knowledge where once we was researching what the latest TV celeb was doing or what the latest fashion or gadget item to get. This page is wholly dedicated to the promote the Sikhi parchaar and ideas to share faith with other people. So if you have any good content or material to promote or share Sikhi concepts, pls do share it with us so that we can publish it on our website. You can contact us by Clicking HERE

The best way to educate your community about who Sikhs are and what the turban truly symbolizes is get involved in service projects in your area.

  • Do volunteer work in your community.
  • Donate blood.
  • Pariticpate in Charity Runs
  • Participate in Inter-Faith councils and events.
  • Create opportunities to educate others about Sikhs.
  • Reach out to business and government leaders.