Gulf of Carpentria Punjaub

So far we have known about PUNJAB – land of Five Rivers, but now there is another Punjaub known which is in Australia. Yes, right here in Australia and this is simply true.

Punjaub is a homestead on the Gregory River in west Queensland. Its closest capital city is actually Darwin (show me) in the Northern Territory about 1090km to the northwest (the capital of Queensland is Brisbane (show me), about 1760km away to the southeast of Punjaub). Punjaub is at an altitude of about 35m above sea level. Punjaub is one of the westernmost homesteads in Queensland.

The name ‘Paunjab’ seems to have been taken from the five rivers watering the territory.

Brisbane Courier 13 Sep 1873

There is a documented reference in the Brisbane Courier (Sat 13 Sep 1873), which writes, “It is really surprising how ignorant the majority of the residents of the metropolis are of the district lying between the right bank of the Brisbane and the southern boundary of the colony tribe Queensland Punjaub, or country of five rivers. The wide expanse of territory watered by the Logan, the Albert, the Pimpama, the Coomera, and the Nerang rivers, all of which are navigable for a considerable portion of their course, is perhaps more productive and contains a larger population than any other similar area in the colony, and yet there is no district about which less is generally known”.

Homestead at Punjaub Station north of Lawn Hills, North Queensland

According to Frontier Justice by Tony Roberts, In mid-1883 Tom Lynott had managed Punjaub station on the Gregory paver near Burketown.

Tom recruited more men in Normanton in September and purchased 4500 head of cattle at Punjaub.

Australian Sikh Heritage is doing research work to find more about this place.

Punjaub, Lawn Hill Queensland 4825