Sukhdev-singh Bhaur Panthic front

AMRITSAR – Ahead of the SGPC president elections slated for November 29, former general secretary of the SGPC, Sukhdev Singh Bhaur, today announced to have formed a new Panthic Front, at a meeting held at Nauvi Patshahi Gurdwara here.

Jathedar Bhaur himself took over as convener of the front, which he claims is non-political and would fight over the issue of no inquiry into the sacrilege incidents by Akal Takht Jathedar and the SGPC.

Former SGPC general secretary and the front’s convenor Sukhdev Singh Bhaur said many SGPC members want to see the candidates of the Badals defeated but are not coming forward at the moment.

As many as 22 SGPC members attended the meeting. A seven-member committee of the new front was formed which has Kuldeep Kaur Tohra, daughter of former SGPC president Gurcharan Singh Tohra, on the panel.

He said Badal’s grip of the SGPC has led to deterioration of authority of the SPGC and the Akal Takht as both these supreme bodies of the Sikhs have failed to perform their duty in taking action against incidents of sacrilege and other related issues.

“We have decided to form this PanthicFront to keep an eye on the SGPC affairs. It will play its role to improve the state of affairs when dignity and credibility of the pivotal Sikh institutions has been seriously compromised for vested political interests,” said Bhaur, while addressing a Press conference.

Late SGPC president Gurcharan Singh Tohra’s daughter Kuldeep Kaurm who is also part of the front, said she appeals to other SGPC members to join hands to stop further ‘denigration and deterioration of the Sikh institutions’.

The General House of the SGPC will meet for the annual ritual of electing its president. Of its 190 members, 170 are elected, 15 nominated and the rest are the Sikh high priests. Members of the present House were elected in 2011. Incumbent chief Kirpal Singh Badungar had replaced Avtar Singh Makkar last year.

Besides Badungar, former president Bibi Jagir Kaur, Akali leaders Sewa Singh Sekhwan, Rajinder Singh Mehta and sitting SGPC general secretary Amarjeet Singh Chawla are also in the race to take over the top post.