Sikh Community shocked at Bengaluru Kirpan Ban

Sikh kirpan

Bengaluru – Worldwide Sikhs have expressed their disappointment with Bengaluru Kirpan Ban.

On August 28, the government issued an order banning acquisition, possession and carrying of arms without license, specified in category V of the schedule I of the Arms Rules of 2016, in public places under the jurisdiction of Bengaluru.

DSGMC general secretary Manjinder Singh Sirsa on Tuesday sought Centre’s intervention to get the ban on KIRPAN lifted in Bengaluru. In a letter to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, he quoted media reports about the Karnataka Government banning, acquiring, possessing and carrying of arms without license in Bengaluru.

He further said that as per the Constitution of India under the Article 25, Sikhs have been granted exemption to carry kirpan (article of Sikh faith) under freedom of practice of religion. It is against the Right to Freedom of Practice of Religion as well, he said.

Sirsa also brought to the notice of Home Minister that in an earlier incident at the Bengaluru airport, Sikh passengers were forcefully deported from the flight due to the Kirpan he wore as a article of faith. This, despite the fact Sikh passengers traveling in domestic flight in India are allowed to carry the kirpan with size 6 inch blade and 3 inch handle on board under Civil Aviation Rules.

He said that the Sikh community has got angry with the restriction on wearing a kirpan on their own mother’s land. Keeping in mind the feelings of the Sikhs, the central government needs to resolve this serious issue.