World Sikh Parliament formed in UK

World Sikh Parliament

Prominent members of the Khalsa Panth  have been trying to unite all Sikhs under Kesri Nishan Sahib following the directions of our ever lasting Shabad Guru Sri Guru Granth sahib Ji Maharaj. It is a matter of proud for all Sikhs living in different parts of the World that some volunteers from different countries, rising above personal/family and group promotion have been able to establish a Supreme Organizations of the Sikhs “The World Sikh Parliament (WSP)”.

It has been constituted in-line with the Sikh traditions, to provide authentic guidance to the community on social, Political, Spiritual and religious matters and to spread the message of universal brotherhood of Gurbani, involving Sikh institutions/organizations and members of the Sikh community from all over the World. It is a not-for-profit charitable organization.

It will include activities such as advancing health, promoting or protecting human rights, education, development or environmental programs. Long awaited system/rules and regulations for the important institution of Akal Takhat Sahib and process of conducting Sarbat Khalsa have been clearly defined for the first time. Sikh Sangat All over the world is humbly requested to support this initiative uniting the Panth under one umbrella organization in the light of Gurbani reviving the concept of Miri and Piri.

It will ensure freedom, liberty and justice for the Sikh nation and the people of Punjab and In the diaspora this means campaigning and lobbying for the right to to self determination for the Sikhs and the establishment of a sovereign Sikh State. In India WSP reps will ensure that Sikh identity is promoted, maintained and strengthened.

It will have five zones with members of the Governing Board(GB) from each zone as under India-150, USA-30, Canada-30, Australia-30, Europe-60.

75 Members of the GB from different countries have been finalized and balance number is yet to be finalized.

Large number of GB members present during the discussions decided that the further process of identifying of more members should be continued by the coordination committee comprising of the following members and should be completed at the earlist. These names should be identified from Different Sikh organizations, Political groups or prominent Gusikhs from different countries

Name of co-ordination committee members:

Debinderjit Singh UK

Manpreet Singh UK

Amrik Singh Gill UK

Joga Singh UK

Satinderpal Singh Canada

Himmat Singh USA

Amardeep Singh USA

Dr Amarjit Singh USA

Gurmit Singh Germany

Resham Singh Germany

Sukhdev Singh Germany

Bhagat Singh Bhandal Canada

Sham Singh Australia

Gurvinder Singh Australia

Jaswinder Singh Holand