Jasleen Kaur is First Sikh Woman selected to undertake Mars mission

jasleen kaur mars mission

Jasleen Kaur (Josan) has been selected by the US government’s space research organization, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), for the 2030 mission to Mars.

Jasleen Kaur will officially be the first Sikh to go out to space and also be among the few human beings togo to the planet Mars, on a project dubbed The Orion Mission.

An earlier mission to Mars will take place three years from now, although this is a one-way colonization mission where the group inhabiting Mars will not be returning to Earth. Kaur is part of the two-way mission which is set to happen in 2030.

“It will likely take nine months to reach there, three months to stay there, and then another nine months to return. So it’s a 21-month mission in total”, said Jasleen Kaur.

She shared that she and her family are more excited than nervous about the chance to go Mars.

Currently based in Huntsville, Alabama where she is pursuing an integrated degree of master and Ph.D in space science from the University of Alabama. Jasleen K Josan is inspired by the prominent astronaut Kalpana Chawla.