Sarbloh langar to replace Aluminium utensils at Harmandir Sahib

sarbloh langar

AMRITSAR: To revive the tradition of sarbloh langar, the SGPC has decided to replace all wares used for cooking langar at Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) Amritsar.

Its president Kirpal Singh Badungar said on Tuesday that the committee had taken a decision in this regard.

Badungar further said that he had constituted a three-member sub-committee comprising SGPC’s junior vice-president Baba Buta Singh and members of the SGPC Charanjit Singh Kalewala and Paramjit Kaur Landra to purchase the cookware. Secretary Avtar Singh would be the coordinator.

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Talking to media, Buta Singh said that these utensils had immense significance for the Sikhs. He said that there were a few families in Gharuan village near Kharar in Mohali district that had still kept the tradition of making these utensils alive. He added that they would replace all big utensils used for cooking langar at Guru Ramdas Langar Hall and do so in other gurdwaras in a phased manner.
Presently langar was cooked in iron and aluminium utensils. ‘Sarbloh’ is raw iron melted in furnace and beaten manually to form utensil, added Buta Singh.
guru ka langar

Regarding the history of the cookware, he stated that during one of his sojourns at Gharuan, Sikhs’ seventh master Guru Har Rai blessed ironsmiths of the village for preparing these utensils and since then a few families had kept the tradition alive.

This cookware has immense health benefits since they are as good as non-stick utensils but without any chemical coating and didn’t release any toxic fumes, he added. These utensils are eco-friendly and lasts longer. The only care they require is to dry them properly after washing as they can rust.