600 die in fog mishaps every year, but Punjab has NO Safety Plan

State turns blind eye to killer fog

punjab fog roads

In Punjab, nearly 600 people are killed in fog-related accidents every year, but the state government is yet to wake up to the issue.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways report on “Accidents in India” shows that 605 people died and 636 were seriously injured in such accidents last year in Punjab alone. In 2014, 550 people were killed.

Last year, the Punjab traffic adviser had even informed the Punjab and Haryana High Court about the alarming situation. He had also submitted an advisory to the office of Chief Secretary and the Director General of Police on unsafe roads owing to poor visibility during fog. He had advised that road transport sector agencies must prepare for both long term and short-term implementation strategies to improve traffic management and safety during fog.

But the state government did nothing except forwarding his advisory to the deputy commissioners.

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He had also pointed out that the PWD (B&R) with the help of the traffic police had identified around 400 high-risk areas on highways. But nothing was done to ensure safety on such spots.

Of the three important sectors of transportation, aviation and railways prepare for safe transportation during foggy weather. But, road transportation, despite being the backbone of the state, remains the most unsafe due to poor preparation,” said state traffic adviser Navdeep Asija.