Melbourne Wakes To It’s Coldest Day since 1998


melbourne coldest

It was forecast and it is here.

Melbourne’s coldest day of the year is here and it is set to last into the weekend.

We will not see the mercury get past ten degrees today AT ALL and it’s already 7 degrees, at 6AM!

Although snow was forecast, it is yet to fall in the Dandenong’s but reports are saying to expect it later this morning. Ballarat may even get some!

The weekend isn’t looking much better with Saturday not getting past 13 before Sunday and Monday struggle to get past 12 degrees.

On Thursday evening, Melbourne could tell the cold weather was coming as rain lashed down on the city for four straight hours. It came with strong winds, with gusts getting to 80kmph.

The highest temperature we can expect over the next 7 days is jut 14 degrees, which will be on Tuesday.