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Melbourne – Goldy Brar, former adviser to opposition leader Mathew Guy said has come out with strong reaction over the expose by Jasvinder Sidhu.

The expose in many ways taints the entire Indian community as scammers.  The timing is questionable too. Visa scamming is across all communities and is not faced by the Indian community alone. Moreover, these issues were raised by Gautam Gupta during Labor’s tenure. Why take it up three days before voting? But leave everything aside now. What has happened to the victim of rape. We want justice and we want Jasvinder to come out and name and shame the raper. No one can defend a rapist. Jasvinder should have exposed and nailed the rapist,” he said.

Reacting strongly to the expose by Jasvinder Sidhu and Fairfax Media on fake visa scams Victorian Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs Inga Peulich expressed her anger over the news of a female employee being raped by their bosses and the possible cover up that followed to gain permanent residency in the country.

Inga Peulich
Victorian Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs Inga Peulich

Inga Peulich is of the opinion that the “messenger” should have acted proactively to defend the victim and report the matter to police since the crime was of “very serious” nature.

If Siddhu did not report the matter to the police immediately then it’s of grave concern.  It’s against what our society stands for.  Violence against women is a serious criminal matter and it cannot be taken lightly. I call on Jasvinder to come out in open if he has knowledge of who these perpetrators were and why this matter was not reported to the police immediately,” asked Inga.

Jasvinder SidhuFormer adviser to Premier Daniel Andrews Jasvinder Sidhu claimed of widespread rort in the immigration system and how some employers were misusing the 457 to exploit their employees. In a hidden-camera expose that was shown on prime time television news on 27 June, exposed an alleged scammer negotiating a deal to facilitate fake employment. Jasvinder Sidhu in the story alleged that some bosses of fake visa holders have exploited and in some cases have been repeatedly raped by their bosses.

Jasvinder was allegedly approached on Facebook by a local “visa fixer” who sought introductions to Indians looking to migrate to Australia. The fixer, who was then filmed on hidden camera, claimed that he could line up corrupt employers who would create fictitious jobs. The fixer wanted a fee of $50,000 per case.

According to Jasvinder fake visa trade has been so successful that there has to be corrupt players in the Department of Immigration for it to function smooth and for several such visas to flourish.

In the 7.30 story, Jasvinder made shocking revelations of how a female victim was raped and she kept the story to herself to work towards her residency in the country.  Jasvinder told the reporter:

“A girl contacted me and she sent me her report. She had been repeatedly raped. But she didn’t complain, because permanent residency was a bigger incentive.”

“As a former adviser to the premier of Victoria and an advocate of violence against women, he has a moral obligation to do the right thing to protect the victim so that justice can be served.  I cannot believe that a woman has been raped and exploited and this matter has not been informed,” said Inga.

More reactions poured in on the expose. Former FIAV president and a senior community leader Vasan Srinivsasn weighed in on the debate in support of the rape victim: “No one should attempt to keep a serious crime confidential. One has to first approach Victoria Police. That’s how you help a victim in crisis. We cannot take law in our hands. We have to straight away inform the police. It’s a crime not to report this matter.”

Amita Gill
Amita Gill

Melbourne entrepreneur Amita Gill was happy that the issue is out in the limelight now but wished the rape incident was treated more seriously.

Jasvinder has exposed a big racket. This needs to come out and everyone should know about it. But what is worrying is that the rape incident was not given prominence. If a victim comes to you discussing a case of rape and if you are a community leader or even an ordinary citizen, you cannot keep this matter confidential. It’s important every member in the community knows that Australia stands against domestic violence and all forms of violence against women,” said Gill.

It is to be mentioned that Jasvinder Sidhu has mentioned in his TV interview that a police report was made in the rape case and he has copy of the reports.