Sikhs Comes to the Rescue of People Stuck in Haryana due to Jat Agitation

Sikh langar haryana jat riots

Panipat (HARYANA) – As thousands of people were left stranded on the Delhi-Ambala national highway (NH1) by road blockades put by Jat protesters for two days, city residents responded with overwhelming generosity, offering them food and shelter.

Amid the quota turmoil that has Haryana on the edge, Jat brothers Ravinder Lather and Bhupinder Lather have come to the rescue of many stranded on the National Highway-1.The good Samaritans have been providing free food and lodging facilities at their restaurant Neelkanth Star Dhaba for the last three days, helping those stuck on the GT Road. More than 300 commuters who have availed of their services have been all praise for the brothers.

Sikhs distribute langar at the Karnal railway station on Monday

But an impromptu gesture by dozens of teams of Sikh volunteers who ran a round-the-clock community kitchen (langar) stood out.

Sikh youth carted free snacks, cooked rice and hot tea in copious quantities to feed stranded travellers. All ages, castes and religions were welcome.

The gurdwara volunteers laughed away questions on the quantity of food and other eatables used in the langar over the past two days. “We have been offering round-the-clock langar in the memory of Mata Sahib Dev Kaur here for three decades and our volunteers come in large numbers whenever such situations arise,’’ the gurdwara head said.

People walking during a blockade by Jat protesters at Ladsoli village in Sonepat district on Monday.

The Sikh community stepped forward as a savior for those stranded. Opening the doors of a Sikh Gurudwara on G.T. Road to offer food and shelter, these Sikhs have restored one’s faith in humanity.

The volunteers of Sikh Charity, Khalsa Aid came to the rescue of many who were stranded in Panipat due to the Jat protests.

The International Sikh Relief work organisation supplied water bottles and food to the people who were stuck in buses as the Panipat-Kairana and Karnal-Shamli routes were blocked.

khalsa aid
Image Credit: Khalsa Aid/Facebook

This is not the first time Khalsa Aid has come to the rescue of the distressed. They have helped the people who were stuck in Chennai floods and have also distributed food and basic necessities to people during Nepal earthquake.

Throughout history, the Sikh community has time and again come out to help those in need and proved that humanity is the biggest religion of all. Be it the young Sikh man in New Zealand who removed his turban to save a boy or the Sikhs who set up a langar for Syrian refugees, Sikhs have never shied away from extending a helping hand. A big salute to you guys.