Paris Attack – Australia lights up red, white and blue in support of terror victims

sydney opera house red white blue

Melbourne has lit up red, white and blue tonight in a poignant display of support for the Paris terror attack victims.

Landmarks across the city including the MCG and the Arts Centre spire were bathed in the colours of the French flag as Melburnians paid their respects.

The National Gallery of Victoria, the State Library and Melbourne Town Hall were also lit up to show solidarity.

The new lighting installed at the MCG was used to show Victoria’s support for the attacks in France. Photo: Wayne Hawkins

It came as prominent buildings across the world including the Sydney Opera House and the World Trade Centre in New York were illuminated in the colours of the tricolore.

A spokesman for the MCG said the Melbourne Cricket Club’s management had made the decision to light up the concrete facade of the stadium at sunset after hearing of the terror attacks.

“It’s a very powerful symbol and just an expression of support given the atrocities in Paris. It’s a small gesture but we just wanted to express our support from far away,” said Shane Brown, media manager for the MCG.

The new lighting to change the colour of the outside of Melbourne’s home of football was only installed six months ago and was designed to allow home teams to display club colours.

But Mr Brown said it could also be used to show the city’s support during world events such as the French terror attacks.Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews took to social media to announce that the Arts Centre spire and the National Gallery of Victoria would be lit up in red, white and blue in solidarity with France.

One World Trade Centre is illuminated in the colours of the French flag. Photo: Twitter / @Khanoisseur

“Victoria’s thoughts and prayers are with the French people and everyone caught up in these horrific and cowardly attacks.

“The French values of liberté, égalité, and fraternité have long provided a light to the world and will endure,” he said.

The French flag will be flown outside the Premier’s office at 1 Treasury Place, while all flags will be flown at half mast at State Parliament.

Source: The Age