Badal Sadbhavana Rally vs Sarbat Khalsa 2015

Sarbat khalsa sadbhavna rally

Pulling out all stops in its attempt to outdo the recent Sarbat Khalsa gathering in Amritsar, the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) put together a largely attended gathering for its “Sadbhavna Rally” at Goniana, near Bathinda.

DISCLAIMER – We understand that the concept of Sarbat Khalsa is incomparable to any other rally, however this article is not aimed at discussing the eternal spirit of Sarbat Khalsa but instead to discuss the overview of how Badals tried to run their Bathinda rally to overmark Sarbat Khalsa 2015 congregation. this article is not aimed at discussing the internal discrepancies or invisible Motives involved in the organization of Sarbat Khalsa but is written from the point of view of how a common man participated in the event and which one was more directed at ‘Real Sadhbhavna’ without force.

Rally Gathering vs Sarbat Khalsa Congregation

Make up people in Sarbat Khalsa and Bhathinda rally were totally different. Whereas Bathinda rally was basically a political rally comprising of Akali Dal Cadre, Dera Premis , BJP cadre, non Punjabi labor and on the other hand Sarbat Khalsa was totally non political gathering of Sikhs , hurt by interference of political party in their religious institutions.

Sarbat Khalsa Sangat reached a night before to participate.

Also there were hardly any women or kids visible in bathinda rally while Sarbat Khalsa congregation was hugely marked with the presence of Sikh women and children.

The ruling party’s ability to collect a crowd with helpful official machinery is not in doubt. The Akali leaders are much mistaken if they feel elated by the crowd at Bathinda. The rally on Monday, attended also by reluctant BJP representatives, was meant to reassure itself and reassert its loosening hold on the pulse of the people.

Khalistan Movement

Sadbhavna rally was truly makred against the supporters of Khalistan. There were clear banners visible from all angles of camera depicting “Khalistani bhajao Punjab bachao“.

However, at Sarbat Khalsa it was a stage of Khalisatan supporters and there was a resolution to adapt 1986 Sarbat Khalsa resolution – Separation of Sikhs from the aggressor state of India declaration of Khalistan was adapted.

Sarbat Khalsa Resolutions

These resolutions declared at Sarbat Khalsa 2015 were purely religious matter of Sikhs, no relation to any other community in the state, how were they related to danger to Sadbhavna is beyond intellect .

Congress hand

Like Akalis, Congress already have rejected the Sarbat Khalsa resolutions, so how this rejection of resolutions by Congress is danger to sadbhavna also?

Police suppression against Public

While using force to suppress any voice of protest, the party hopes to generate goodwill for itself through rallies. If Akali minister Maluka was only “pushed” and not slapped, as the minister claims, why did the Akali activists beat him unconscious right in the presence of the police? Public anger erupts whenever Akali ministers attend a function. While the detention of persons with criminal records ahead of the Bathinda rally is understandable, the administration made large-scale arrests and disallowed even the exercise of a democratic right to peaceful protest. A black flag is the new red rag to the Akali bulls.

Undoubtedly, Bathinda rally used Police power to bring people to fake up numbers while at Sarbat Khalsa, it was Sangat power who took the courage against Police atrocity to reach the venue and participate.

No Mention of Akal Takht Misuse

No talk of misuse of Akal Takht by pardoning Dera Sirsa at first place and then taking the U-turn was raised. There was no mention of culprits of sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and continuing incidents of sacrilege. On the other side, Sarbat Khalsa was about freeing Akal Takht from such misuses of political leaders.

No talk about Caste based distictions

There was absolutely No talk about stopping the naming of Gurudwaras and keeping people divided over caste basis, however at Sarbat Khalsa there was resolutions passed to stop Caste Based gurdwaras globally.

Stopping interference of political parties in Sikh institutions will create real Sadbhavna not political bashing of political opponents by ignoring the main grievances of people . Speeches in this so called Sadbhavna Rally really make it political rally , having nothing to do with Sadbhavna of the state.