jasleen kaur delhi molestation

Something is really wrong with us.

Lets deliver instant justice – even though we might be wrong

We’re just looking to deliver instant justice. Facebook and Twitter have made us slacker activists – slacktivists for short – Like, Share and Retweet all we want to do to support a cause.

The thing is – not everything is a cause. Pollution? Deforestation? Yes, those are causes worth talking about. A dispute between a man and a woman? No. That is not a cause. That is an argument. But it turns out that the ‘cause’ box is already filled in the moment it becomes anything a man vs. woman – with #outrage.

Understanding #outrage

social media outrage

#Outrage is the feeling of “how dare he/she…”. And with #outrage comes the need to deliver instant justice. As much as we mock our news folk for playing judge, we’re doing the same thing on social media – delivering judgement.

All this shows we’re one step away from mob violence

Many of the comments on Facebook and Twitter actually asked to hang Sarvjeet Singh (the biker), simply because Jasleen Kaur told us that she was being harassed? On the other hand, many on Facebook and Twitter have also accused Jasleen Kaur and posted hated comments against her; and So what?

The motive of this post is not to blame/argue with anyone. This is a question to the media and us all. Media has immense power. With power, comes ‘responsibility’. Kindly realize and follow your responsibilities. The ones who shared these stories on social media are equally responsible. Kindly think twice before you share/endorse anything on social-media.This is not the first instance of social media trial. We had seen cases of Rohtak Sisters, Nagaland mob lynching case, etc.

We at SinghStation fear that as more of us are getting into the behavior of mob justice, the farther we are getting away from true justice. If media keeps reporting such stories without verifying the facts, there will be a day, when we will become so cynical that we won’t believe a genuine victim. False cases must be investigated appropriately and strict actions must be taken. Not just a particular gender but all of us will be equally affected by such false cases.

Real life is not a Salman Khan movie, where “bhai” casually murders the bad guys.