Sikhs celebrate as new Gurdwara opens in Griffith


It was a historic day for Griffith’s Sikh community when they celebrated the opening of a  new Gurdwara.

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THOUSANDS of members of the Griffith & Inter-state Sikh community accompanied Nagar Kirtan to the city’s new Gurdwara Sahib on Saturday.

The Nagar kirtan procession attracted a number of spectators, all of whom were encouraged to join the walk from the old Gurdwara in Yoogali to the new Gurdwara on the Kidman Way. Part of the Kidman Way was closed for this event.

Young children walked alongside older members of the community and toddlers and infants were carried or given a prominent view of the proceedings from the shoulders of a parent.

Women covered their heads with a variety of colourful scarves. Sangat from other states in Melbourne also joined this auspicious event.

There were puddles to be dodged and road signs to be walked around and each time this occurred a member of the Sikh community would guide the others behind him to ensure they didn’t put a foot out of place.

As the procession neared the grandiose temple, the singing intensified, along with the joy.

Flower petals were scattered over the nagar kirtan and gurdwara from a helicopter, bringing the singing to a crescendo.

Once inside, the Sikhs celebrated with a religious ceremony.

The atmosphere has been buzzing as people were able to see inside this amazing building for the first time. At night there were fireworks at Gurdwara Sahib.

CLICK HERE to view photos of the Event