Honest Sikh taxi driver returns $5000 cash to forgetful passenger in Brisbane


THERE are many things a person could spend $5,000 on. But none of them crossed the mind of taxi driver Sarbjit Malhi when a passenger left a jacket with a pocket full of cash in the back of Mr Malhi’s cab.

“I never thought about keeping it,” he said.

“It wasn’t my money, how could I have kept it?”

In fact, the 34-year-old Zillmere man didn’t even count the money — but said he knew there was a significant amount just by looking at it.

Being unable to track down the passenger because he had hailed the cab from Brisbane International Airport, the taxi driver went to great lengths to track the man down.

Mr Malhi went to a hotel on Mary Street where he thought the customer may have been headed.

Despite being unable to find the man, the dedicated cabbie left his phone number at the hotel reception.

Thankfully, the distressed passenger phoned Mr Malhi the next day and was reunited with his goods.

The customer was very, very happy,” Mr Malhi said. “I can’t imagine a happier customer.”

And for all his trouble, the customer gave Mr Malhi a $100 reward — but he didn’t tell him why he was carrying so much cash.

Mr Malhi said he would encourage anyone who has found lost goods to return them “as soon as possible”.

Black and White Cabs managing director Greg Webb said he was “proud of the calibre” of drivers employed by Black and White Cabs.

Source: Courier Mail