Tom Altar protests against Harinder Sikka over copyright violation


New Delhi: A new battle over the credit controversy took a dramatic turn surrounding the movie Nanak Shah Fakir over the fight between director Sartaj Singh Pannu and producer Harinder Singh Sikka.

Tom Altar, who is believed to be playing the lead role in Nanak shah Fakir movie, protested the exclusion of Pannu’s name from the credits by standing outside a theatre in Delhi with a board which announced, “The film is directed by Sartaj Singh Pannu. In the holy name of Guru Nanak Ji, let the truth prevail.”

Pannu, who has moved the Delhi High Court against the producer as well as Oscar winning sound artiste Resul Pookutty, has alleged that he had worked on the project as the film director for over two years. However, he “was taken aback” after noticing Sikka’s name as director in the movie trailer.

Sikka, according to Pannu, is claiming that he has directed the movie, which is a biopic of the first Sikh spiritual guru. Sources said the case has been filed by Pannu with 60 testimonials, mostly from the members of the film crew.

The affidavit has also been signed by Tom Altar, who is believed to be playing the role of Guru Nanak in the film. Pannu has claimed the support of two other artistes – Adil Hussain who plays the role of Rai Bhullar and Arif Zakaria who plays Mardana’s role.