Australian Audience Movie Review: Patta Patta Singhan da Vairi


‘Patta Patta Singhan da vairi’ is another movie that spotlights atrocities of Police on Sikhs across Punjab during 1980s time period.

The movie attempts to recreate that terrifying, tumultuous time through personalized stories of the victims and aggressors.

The movie revolves around the brutality of Punjab police on Sikhs living in Kakra village. The movie is a fictional film, however based on some true stories of post 1984 Punjab, showcasing the atrocities and the inhumane methods adopted by the police.

The film is probably the 1980s storyline however the costume, architecture, newspaper clippings do not turn clocks back to 1980s. In one of the scene, the shadow of a shooting crane could also be seen at the bottom right.

This movie is definitely an attempt to bring out the ugly truth about the atrocities of Police over Sikhs. It is also an expression of the double standards of bystanders and those who continue to shut their eyes or say nothing today not wanting to shed light or stop to think about gruesome side to the 1984 time period.

As a Sikh learner, there are definitely messages to get from the movie and to get to know the reality of inhumane brutalities of 80s era in Punjab. Overall, its a great attempt and it deserves one time watch.