Australian Sikh Orgs submit petition against screening of Nanak Shah Fakir


Melbourne – More than 10 Sikh organizations in Australia have now joined hands to oppose the screening of controversial movie titled ‘Nanak Shah Fakir‘, which is planned to be released on 17th April wordwide.

The organisations listed below had previously jointly raised an online petition which is signed by more than 600 supporters so far.

The petition was also signed off in b&w by more than 10 Sikh Gurdwaras and other registered organisations in Australia. These Sikh organizations jointly submitted this petition on 7th April to Attorney General Hon. George Brandis and have requested to stop the screening of this movie in Australian Cinemas.

It is to be advised that similar attempts to ban the release of this movie have also been raised in Canada, UK and India as well.

The letter has been signed off by following organisations in Australia:

  1. Australian Sikh Support
  2. Damdami Taksal Ranjit Akhara Australia
  3. Chardhikala Radio
  4. Gurduara Miri Piri, Melbourne
  5. Khalsa Shaouni Plumpton
  6. Shepparton Sikh Association, VIC
  7. Sikh Volunteers Australia
  8. Sikh Federation Australia
  9. Sikh Temple, Keysborough
  10. Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Craigieburn
  11. Supreme Sikh Council of Australia Inc.