Who actually portrays the role of Guru Nanak in Nanak Shah Fakir?

tom alter
Tom Alter

UPDATE: In a fresh statement by the original Movie Director Sartaj Pannu, he has mentioned the name of Tom Alter as the character playing the role of Guru Nanak Dev ji in the controversial movie ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’.

In a statement given by Sartaj Pannu who claims to be the original movie director and has lodged a case in High court against Harinder Sikka and co-producer, stated that the affidavit given to High Court has also been signed by Tom Altar, who plays the role of Guru Nanak in the film.


The much controversial movie ‘Nanak Shah Fakir‘ which is in limelight as the first biopic on the life and teachings of Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji has undoubtedly hurt religious sentiments of a big section of Sikh community.

As per statements and media reports by Movie producers so far, it has been stated that the role of Guru Nanak has been rendered merely with the use of Graphic technology and that only his back has been shown up.

With further research on this issue, we have revealed that it is just not the graphic itself but its a real human as well who has been used to depict the character of Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji onto the big screen.

Now undoubtedly, the next expected question will be who is that human?

[highlight]Here is the answer to the question – the real human behind the title role of Nanak Shah Fakir is ‘Harish Khanna’. [/highlight]


Harish Khanna is a 1993 graduate from Delhi’s National School of Drama and the one who played the title role in Nanak Shah Fakir.

According to an interview by IndianExpress with another actor playing the role of Rai Bullar in the movie namely Adil Hussain, he stated that “While Sartaj Pannu (director of Nanak Shah Fakir) has desisted from showing the saint’s face, he has cleverly used the silhouette and the hand of the actor who plays the role of Guru Nanak in the film.”

Adil further added, “Harish Khanna, my batch mate at National School of Drama, plays the role of Nanaksahab, but in the entire film, one can only see his silhouette, hand and hear his voice while giving sermons.

According to TOI News, Since Sikhism doesn’t permit anyone to don Guru Nanak’s garb, computer graphics were used to depict him as animated character of Guru Nanak.

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