T4A steps further to educate Australians about Sikhi through charity


The Australia-based organisation, Turbans4Australia(t4A), thinks humanitarian aid, community work and spreading the message of unity, brotherhood and love can break all barriers. “The approach I have taken is to educate people about who Sikhs are through charity work,” said Amar Singh.

Recently with the support of UK based Sikh charity Khalsa Aid, T4A volunteers traveled to Rockhampton to join hands to deliver aid to Cyclone hit Queensland, Australia.

Khalsa Aid and Turbans 4 Australia Inc worked together with the Salvation Army to deliver much needed bottled water to the people of Queensland and other essential items.

Brisbane Sikh Gurdwara at Logan Road also donated a pallet of water.

This is definitely a great approach to educate other communities about Sikhi and connect with wider Australians.