Martin Place Lindt cafe reopens after 95 days of deadly siege attack


Sydney’s Lindt Café in Martin Place – the site of the horrific siege that claimed the lives of two innocent people last December – reopened its doors to public today at 10am, with a permanent memorial in place honouring those who survived and endured the unthinkable ordeal, and those who tragically lost their lives.

The store has been closed since the events unfolded on the 15 of December, culminating in scenes that rocked the nation in the early hours of the 16th.
Australian CEO of the company Steve Loane stated, “After the tragic events that happened in December, we discussed this reopening with our staff and gave a lot of thought to next steps. Overwhelmingly, the feeling was that reopening and moving forward is the best thing to do for everyone affected.
Sydney siege victims: Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson
Two gold plaques have been erected “In Loving Memory Of” Mr Johnson, 34, and Ms Dawson, 38, who were both killed during the siege.

Premier Mike Baird arrived at the cafe at 9.20am, talking with Lindt Australia CEO Steve Loane.

Premier Mike Baird arrives for a coffee at Lindt Cafe. Picture: Daily Telegraph

Meanwhile Ms Dawson’s family issued a statement last month that read, in part, “Although it will be difficult at first, we hope to be able in time to return to the Lindt cafe so that her children can continue to experience one of Katrina’s great joys.” Whilst Mr Johnson’s family stated that it was their desire for “people to return to Martin Place and smile again.

In the months since the December siege, the cafe has remained boarded up, with tradespeople contracted to assess a new design for the store’s interior.