Indian Censor Board finally clears ‘The Blood Street’ for release


The controversial film ‘MSG: The Messenger of God’ has finally be cleared by the Indian censor board, for release.

The Censor Board’s revising committee finally granted ‘A’ certificate to Jasbir Singh Boparai’s upcoming movie ‘The Blood Street’ in the third round.

The movie was originally set to be released on 28th November 2014 in India however Indian censor board refused to give clearance to the film and sent it to Chennai for clearance. Given the deadlock, producers took the film to the revising committee, which finally cleared.

As per the film director Darshan Darvesh, the rationale behind the denial cited by the head of the board was that the movie could radicalize the sentiments of the youth, thereby causing unrest in the society. However in contrast, Darvesh said that the youth in the movie are shown vowing not to let such incidents from happening in future.