Urgent Appeal to help END Vikram Singh Dhanaula’s Hunger Strike


Melbourne – In view of the critical condition of Vikram Singh Dhanaula and the indifference of Indian government, SinghStaion.Net on behalf of Australian Sikh Sangat appeals to Vikram Singh Dhanaula to END his hunger strike.

According to latest reports, Vikram Singh Dhanaula is in CRITICAL condition after 64 days of “Hunger Strike till Death.” His life is in imminent danger with every passing moment. Vikram’s Hunger Strike is to seek justice for the November 1984 Sikh genocide victims.

On behalf of the Australian Sikh Community, we make the following appeal to:

  • Various Sikh organizations & SIkh Activists to help End Vikram Dhanaula’s Hunger Strike.
  • Press & Media to immediately visit the “Hunger Strike Camp” in Delhi and highlight the situation in the media. The media attention may help buy time.
  • United Nations and Human Rights Organizations to remind the Indian Government of its obligations and the various Human Rights Charters that it is signatory to.

We also demand that the authorities must provide immediate medical assistance to him and stop insulting the basic human right, the dignity of life.

SinghStation.Net has received a number of messages from Sikh Sangat in Australia who are wanting to see him back in good health with his family and join the fight against justice by some other means.