Keysborough Gurdwara Committee Apostate insults Guru, Sangat & Bana


Melbourne – In a recent evidence of the on-going deterioration of our Sikh institutions, disturbing anti-Sikh ideology of some committee members of Keysborough Gurdwara Sahib in Melbourne has come to public light.

File Photo: Gurdwara Sahib, Keysborough

The Gurdwara management committee has come under spotlight for using insulting language for the Sikh Gurus, sangat and the Sikh attire (Bana especially cholas).

According to available sources, A meeting of the management committee members was held at Gurdwara Sahib on 1st February. During this meeting, one of the committee member used a very pathetic and insulting language towards our Gurus. He also clashed with another committee member and abused him as well while he tried to stop him using such language.

Petition raised against alleged committee member by Melbourne Sangat (Source: supplied)

The committee member is reported to have used deteriorating words like “Jungli” for Guru Sahibaans and he also commented out “Attvadi, Anparh and Jungli” (terrorist, Illitereate) for members of Sikh Sangat.

The alleged committee member along with his aides have also lodged a police complaint against 30 members of Sikh Sangat who were raising their voice against this deteriorating incident.

On the other side, Sikh Sangat in Australia have signed up a petition against the alleged committee member and demanding to expel the alleged committee member from the management.

A letter to Akal Takht Sahib has also been posted stating the allegation and demanding to declare the alleged member as “Tankhahiya”.

The Australian Sikh community has been invited to attend the meeting at Keysborough Gurdwara on 8th Febraury around 12pm and support the local Sangat’s cause in maintaining respect for the Guru and the Panth, despite an anti-Sikh stance from some members of gurdwara committee. Sangat is also requested to maintain peace at the same time.