60 Days of Hunger Strike: Vikram Singh Dhanaula’s health in ctitical condition


Vikram Singh Dhanaula’s hungerstrike, seeking justice for the November 1984 Sikh genocide victims and punishment for the culprits, has entered its 60th day. Parminder Singh Amloh and Bagicha Singh Waraich from Sikh Relief, yesterday travelled to Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, as our concern for Vikram Singh’s well-being is growing. Doctor’s have said Vikram Singh’s vital organs have already suffered irreparable damage and his skeletal body is going into shutdown. As can be seen in the photo, our team witnessed that Vikram’s body is rejecting even a few sips of water.

Pics by SOPW on 60th day of hunger strike

It is noteworthy that Vikram Singh Dhanaula was highlighted in the media in August 2014, when he hurled his shoe towards Chief Minister Parkash Badal to express fury over growing unemployment in the state. Then, just days before starting his hunger strike, Dhanaula took Amrit from Sri Akal Takht Sahib and vowed to commence his struggle for human rights.

Delhi State authorities and the police have continually tried to uproot Vikram Singh’s peaceful protest, at one point the police took down his tent and the water supply and toilet facilities are routinely disrupted. But, Vikram Singh is keeping to his word and continuing his hunger strike until justice is delivered.

Although Vikram Singh has the constant support of his wife and a handful of close associates, there is none of the support or mass gathering, as was visible at both of Gurbaksh Singh’s protests. From a humanitarian point of view Sikh Relief feel that Sikh leaders and organisations should take responsible action to ensure Vikram Singh’s well being. The Delhi State elections have taken place today and it is widely believed AAP will win. We pray that the new Chief Minister of Delhi will make it a priority to save this man’s life as the situation is set to deteriorate rapidly, there is concern that Vikram Singh may not even make it another week.