Sydney Sikhs donate to help drought-hit farmers in Dubbo


Sydney – A group of Sydney Sikhs joined hands together to help the drought-hit farmers in Dubbo, a rural area of NSW.

An online campaign was raised via social media to collect groceries to help Dubbo’s most deprived farmers.

The initiative was taken by Amar Singh from Sydney, who is a very active and passionate member of Sikh community to help others. He was joined up by Jaswinder Singh and Ruban Sohana from Sydney.

sydney-sikhs-donationTea, coffee, sugar and oatmeal were among the food items donated, along with baby food, milk and nappies for farmers hit by drought in Dubbo.

Amar Singh accompained with other Sikhs from Sydney drove to Dubbo in 2 days which was about 1100 kms away and donated groceries worth $3000 to support Aussie farmers and rural communities hit by drought.

The Sikh community chose to drive up to Dubbo so all your donations end up in the right area. Large amount of these good will be delivered to Broken Hill NSW, and farms around Greater Dubbo and rural NSW.

On reaching Dubbo, the Sikh members were welcomed by Salvos who arranged a vegetarian lunch for the Sikh members. The members also spoke about Sikh religion, Langar and other Sikh traditions to Salvos and the Chaplin Maree Strong. In the end Chaplin Mark said a prayer to thank Sikh Community and God for this friendship and selfless act by city people to support the farmers.

Amar Singh thanked the Sikh Community especially Rajwant Singh from Vege Delight, Riverstone Lions Club for $500 contribution, Harjinder Chauhan, Jaswinder Singh, Ruban Sohana, Upkar Singh, Gagan Bindra and many more.

He also appealed to Sikh community to help other communities in future as well in Australia as we are now living here in Australia and should not only worry about back-home problems in India.

“We hope to show there’s no difference between people in India and Australia. We should be blind to colour, race, religion and any other difference – we’re all the same, and love Australia.”