All Earnings from ‘Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe’ to go to Pingalwara, Harjit Singh


Melbourne – According to an SBS Punjabi report, All earnings from the Punjabi Movie ‘Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe’ will go to Bhagat Puran Singh ji Pingalwara.

Dr Harjit Singh, who is the movie director of ‘Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe’ in a radio interview with SBS said,

All the earnings from this movie will go to Pingalwara Charitable Society.

Dr Harjit Singh also told SBS Media that the main motive behind this movie was to educate people about the life of Bhagat Puran Singh ji and how he dedicated his life towards selfless service of humanity.

The interview was hosted by Preetinder Grewal. You can listen to the recording of the interview by clicking below:

Audience is requested to support and promote this movie for the sake of humanity and SinghStation is thankful to the director of the movie and the whole team who contributed towards this project.