Children under two banned from using electronic devices in Taiwan


This morning, The Daily Mail reported that Taiwan has banned children under the age of two from using electronic gadgets like iPads, televisions and smartphones – something that looks exactly like the first two years of our lives!

If parents are caught allowing their young children to play with their gadgets, they are allegedly facing fines of up to £1,000. The law was passed last week and also states that parents must also ensure that children under-18s only use electronic gadgets for a “reasonable” amount of time.

kids-playing-without-gadgetsWhen I was a kid, playing meant hop-scotch, dumb-charades, hide and go seek. Reading a story always meant lending a book from a local library. Summer vacation meant sleepovers – which automatically meant BOARD GAMES !! “Stupid” was a bad word, Tom & Jerry was entertainment, Ice cream felt like heaven and candy was the best thing ever !

Today, 2 year olds can unlock an iPhone, open and close their favorite apps all by themselves.

So tell us, would you like to see more regulation of electronic devices for Australian kids these days? Would you like to see this with your grandkids? Have your say today…