Grand Final Day off, 24-hour Public transport among Vic Labor pledges


VICTORIANS will get a day off work before the next AFL Grand Final, with Labor’s plan to provide an extra public holiday to be in place by next year.

Around-the-clock weekend public transport will take longer to set up, and is expected to start by New Year’s Eve next year.

These are just some of the big changes the new Labor Government will implement.

Premier-elect Daniel Andrews­ will need 12 months to fulfil his promise of 24-hour public transport on weekends but other changes could come much sooner.

Victorians will get two extra public holidays, with one on the Friday before Grand Final Day next year.

It is understood the promised public holiday would only need to be recorded in the Government Gazette to be made official.

Workers in retail and hospitality may also enjoy extra penalty rates for working Easter Sunday after Labor promised to look at making the day an official public holiday.

Other changes include half price registration for trade apprentices­ and a cap on council rate increases to match CPI.

Parents of young babies will also be given whooping cough vaccines and children will not be allowed to enrol in childcare without a certificate confirming all immunisations.

Source: HeraldSun