Disgusting and utterly shameful act of Bridal photo shoot inside Sikh Gurdwara in US


In a Disgusting and utterly shameful act against the respect of Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj, a bridal photo shoot inside the Darbar Hall of Gurdwara Glen Cove in New York, US has raised outrage and concerns across Sikhs all over the world.

The photos of the Bride, Sonal Parmar, are already spreading on social media like wildfire. In one of the photographs, she is sitting on the throne (tabeyan) of Guru Granth Sahib ji with her back.

According to Sikh24 News, Glen Cove Gurdwara Committe has apologized for Anand Karaj Sacrilege and as per the Granthi Sevadar, no permission was sought from the Gurdwara for the photo shoot.



It seems such incidents are on rise in the west and Anand Karaj has become a mere ritual in these days. Only recently, there was a wedding held in Atlanta, US where the couple took lavan while walking side by side on the name of equality and for the sake of doing something different. Everyone is trying to experiment their bit according to their knowledge or for the sake of experimenting. The respect for Guru Sahib Maryada, Sikh values seems to be depleting.

SHARE YOUR VIEWS – Who do you think should be held responsible for such incidents? Is it lack of education by parents or growing influence of western culture with Sikhi values?