Unofficial Facebook page of Dr Subramaniam Swamy claims Australia to be Hindu Nation


An unofficial Facebook Page on the name of Top BJP Leader and most Active Social BJP Media person, Dr Subramaniam Swamy has made statements of Australia being a Hindu Nation.

The page has claimed that Australia was Hindu Ancestral property during Vedia era and was known as Asthra-Aalaya. It further states that Australia’s current capital city Canberra was known as Karn-Bara, a place in Astra-Aalya, where weapons for killing of Karna were kept, Melbourne was called Mal-barun and Sydney was called Siddh neev. Both these places were meant for stocking and purification of weapons.

The page states that the Chistrian Missionaries like Evangelist and Adventists who sought refuge with the Viraat Hindus, played foul with the descendants of Virat Hindus and occupied the place and changed the name from Asthra-Aalaya to Australia. It’s time we invaded Australia and took possession of the place, rightfully. No wonder even today, Australia is one of the largest suppliers of enriched Uranium to the world. But Indian Sikular Morons are busy supporting there Christian Missionaries evangelists shamelessly.

In the end the page claims that Indian Prime minister who is soon visiting Australia might hopefully capture Australia soon.

This Facebook page currently owns more than 5000 Likes.