Poo in Taxi leaves the Darwin Cabbie with a huge cleaning bill


Darwin, 9 Sep 2014 – A Darwin based Taxi driver Kishan Lalka had a nightmare after one of his drunk passenger left huge poo in the taxi and left without paying fare as well.

The 30-year-old Darwin Radio Taxis driver picked up five passengers in his VW Caddy maxi taxi outside the old Honeypot strip club on Darwin’s Mitchell St at 9.30pm on Monday.

“One guy who was sitting on the behind seat, he did the worst s— – (it) can’t even be imagined by a human being,” Mr Lalka told the NT News.

The boys had asked to be dropped off at Bayview St in Fannie Bay.

He said they were drunk, caucasian, and appeared to be Australian and aged in their early 20s.

Taxi driver Kishan Lalka described the souvenir as the “worst s—”

“There was a smell in the car and one of the guys sitting behind me did a poo,” he said.

“The guys said ‘don’t stop the car’. I was scared. I stopped and jumped out of the car.”

Mr Lalka said he called police but failed to get a ­response.

When the boys had gone and Mr Lalka returned to the car, he couldn’t face the dump left in the footwell of the car.
“A guy was walking past and I just gave him $300 to clean the car,” he said. “I don’t know where he put it.”

Mr Lalka, a driver for two years, said the $8 fare was unpaid.

“I had a real bad headache because of the smell,” he said.

“When I sleep, I feel the smell. I didn’t have dinner last night.

“I talked to the base and they all started laughing. I don’t want to do this any more. It’s a s— job.

“Some people say it’s a s— job. But actually, it is s—.”

Source: NT News