More than 10,000 users affected by Facebook Color Change virus

  • The app claims to change the colour of people’s Facebook profiles
  • It automatically redirects people to a malicious phishing website
  • Those infected should uninstall the app straight away and change passwords
  • To prevent further problems, turn off the social media site’s apps platform

Have you tried to change the color scheme of your Facebook profile lately? Beware of virus attack as a “color change” malware is back and has already affected over 10,000 people around the world.

The malware has been fixed by Facebook repeatedly but it has resurfaced again, reports added. It begins by advertising an app that tells Facebook users they can change the color theme of their profile. Download the app and you are directed to a malicious phishing site, Mashable reported. The danger starts herewith. The website targets users by stealing their Facebook Access Tokens by asking them to view a color changer tutorial video. Temporary access to the tokens allows hackers to connect to the user’s Facebook friends.

The app asks people to change the color scheme of their Facebook profile

If a user does not view the video, the website tries to get them to download the malicious application. If a user is on a computer, the website leads them to download a pornographic video player. ”If the user is on an Android device, the site issues a warning saying the device has been infected and advises users to download a suggested app,” said a report on Cheetah Mobile, a Chinese internet company.

If you have downloaded the app, uninstall it immediately and change your Facebook password, it said.