Tyler Atkins to Tera Singh

Tyler Atikins to Tera Singh

Tera Singh (Tyler Atkins), Australian surfer, raw food chef, actor and kundalini yoga teacher, embraces with spirit and joy, his youth and beach culture, with an earthy, fit and healthy attitude to life and living, being at one with the earth, nature, sport, lifestyle.

TYLER Atkins is probably the only blond Australian actor running around Los Angeles wearing a turban.

The 28-year-old former playmate of Paris Hilton and co-winner of The Amazing Race has taken to wearing Sikh turban 24/7. He now beleives that “Sikhs wear turbans to protect themselves from certain energies. You are centred when you cover your head.”

“I know that a lot of people look at me strangely for wearing a turban but that doesn’t worry me at all,” he insists.

In his earlier days there Atkins was a T-shirt designer with no shortage of women who lapped up his unaffected charisma. Now he has had a complete change of image as a devotee of the world’s fifth-largest religion.

As part of his wholesome lifestyle, he has also set up an organic food delivery service, The Living Lunchbox, with close friend Nicole Dabout. This will continue while he is in LA pursuing his acting dream.

I have a pure lifestyle with no drugs, no alcohol and no sleeping around with random women.

“I believe that you get one wife and that is it. It’s nice to have those kinds of guidelines, especially when you consider where I have come from.”