Punjab 1984 Punjabi Movie Review


The long awaited movie of Diljit Dosanjh ‘Punjab 1984’ is finally released world-wide. The movie has opened to an overwhelming response not only in India but abroad as well.

‘Punjab 1984’ is a step forward in Punjabi Cinema to make films on the emotional subject of 1984 anti-sikh riots. According to latest reports, the film is claimed to break the record of Highest Opening in Punjabi Cinema.  

From the angle of general public, Punjab 1984 movie is a SuperHit film on the basis of an emotional drama, songs and Diljit Dosanjh and Kirron Kher’s acting. Punjab 1984 is the story of mother (Kirron Kher) who missed his son in the riots of 1984, when Punjab was dealing with the terrible period of terrorism. This movie is the love of the mother searching his son and the love of his son to his mother. The movie looks sensitive.

On the other hand,  Many Sikhs who have personally experienced the after-effects of 1984 period has rated the movie as Anti-Sikh movie. According to Sukhminder Singh Hansra, administrator of MyPunjabRadio, the movie is influenced by Government propganda and the real facts have been distorted. He further said that Kharkus (Sikh Activits) ,who were shown as heading struggle for Khalistan kills Hindus while pulling them out of buses and plant bombs in buses to kill common people.

Other group of Sikhs have also claimed that in regards to the Kharku leaders who are shown drinking alcohal portrays how individuals at that time became sell-outs and used Khalistan movement for their own political gains supporting Government at that time.

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