CLUEME Sikh Edition

ClueMe Sikh Edition

ClueMe Sikh Edition is live on Appstore.

This game is the Sikh Edition of our very popular FREE game called as Clueme. It is challenging and fun Trivia (Word Game like Who am I? or What am I ?) game for iPad that you can play with family and friends or just yourself.

How much do you know about Sikhism, about its History, Gurdwaras, Personalities?

Time to test it out, kids can learn more about Sikh History and moreā€¦

All the Cluemes if for any one who likes to be challenged on Sikh Gurus, History, Gurudwara, Well known Sikh Personalities.

Clueme provides hours or fun and challenge for people and kids of all ages.

You suggestions and feedback are welcome.