10 ways India committed the Sikh Genocide


As many mark the next few days with the 29th commemoration of  the Sikh Genocide, India has a weird fascination with calling this tragedy everything and anything, except for what it is – Genocide.

By definition, Genocide is described as “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.”

So, as a reminder to India, we ask them not to take our word for it, but their own.

The Nanavati Commission Report, commissioned by the Indian government and conducted by a former member of Supreme Court of India, Justice G.T. Nanavati gives us much reason to recognize 1984 as the Sikh Genocide – here are 10 of them…

1.    The Genocide was Organized and Systematic


“All this could not have happened if it was merely a spontaneous reaction of the angry public.  The systematic manner in which the Sikhs were thus killed indicate that the attacks on them were organized” – page 181

2.    Secret meetings were held & death squads were prepared


“There is also evidence on record to show that on 31-10-84 either meetings were held or person who could organize attacks were contacted and given instructions to kill Sikhs and loot their homes and shops” – page 180

3.    Government agencies helped mobilize killers

“Outsiders in large numbers could not have been brought by ordinary persons from the public.  Bringing them from outside required an organized effort” – page 180

4.    Killers were transported via Government buses

1984 anti sikh riots delhi (10) (1)
“There is evidence to show that at some places the mobs indulging in violent attacks had come in DTC buses or vehicles (Public Transportation)” – page 181

5.    The killers were armed with weapons for slaughter


“Supplying them (the mobs) with weapons and inflammable material also required an organized effort” – page 180

6.     Congress leaders helped direct and lead the killers

“Large number of affidavits indicate that local Congress(I) leaders and workers had either incited or helped the mobs in attacking the Sikhs” – page 180

7.   Rumours about Sikhs were spread to incite hate


“Rumours were circulated which had the effect of inciting people against the Sikhs” – page 181

8.    The Police did nothing, but watch…


“That attacks were made in a systematic manner without much fear of the police” – page 180

9.    Except, when the police helped spread the rumours


“Rumors were reported to have been circulated by the police” – page 137

10.  And, left Sikhs to be butchered…

1984 anti sikh riots delhi (5)

“There is enough material on record to show that at many places the Police had taken away their (Sikhs) arms or other articles with which they could have defended themselves against the attacks of mobs” – page 181