Sikhs in Melbourne protest against Amitabh Bachan’s visit in Australia


Melbourne, Australia (May 2, 2014): Indian film-star, Amitabh Bachan, who is accused by victims of the Sikh genocide 1984 in Delhi to had instigated violence against Sikhs, attended the Indian Film Festival, Melbourne on May 2, 2014 at an event which took place at Princess Theatre in Melbourne.

Nearly 50 Sikhs marked their historical presence by their protest in front of Princess Theatre. They were holding banners and posters in their hands against Bachan’s role in 1984 genocide. There were pamphlets distributed to the passing by people who were interested in knowing more about the protest.

Fearing to face the protesters and their slogans, Amitabh in a coward manner chose back door to enter in theater. He had no guts to face these protesters who were there to reveal truth of his life when he incited majority Hindus of this nation to spill blood of Sikhs in 1984.