Punjabi singers change their tune apologising on Facebook


Chandigarh, April 15: Since last few days, internet and social media sites have been flooded by hate mails/messages towards a few Punjabi celebrities. They have been accused by a select section of audience and fans who claim that these artists have hurt their sentiments.

Recently, Harbhajan Mann, Jazzy B, Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh and Miss Pooja have endorsed and advertised for Shiromani Akali Dal that is running on PTC channel. After these advertisements were out, fans felt hurt because of the fake praise that these artists bestowed upon the government.

There were several mails and messages with abusive language sent regularly to these artist through email and social media. There were several Facebook pages that asked people to boycott these artists. Boycott posters and messages were shared and spread all around the internet.

Acting upon this matter, Harbhajan Mann, Gippy Grewal and Diljit Dosanjh have officially apologized for their action. They have issued public statements sharing their sentiments about these advertisements and letting their fans know that they don’t support any party in any way. And that these advertisements were done free of cost just because they felt for the cause.

Gippy Grewal’s contrite message to his fans was: “Sariyan ton hath jod ke mafi mangda jinna da dil tutiya commercial advertisment de naal. Main kissae vi party de naal attached nahi aa. Mainu ajj iss mukam te kissae party ne nahi, tusi sariyan ne pounchiya. Main agge ton iss gal da dhyan jaroor rakhugan ke tuhada vishvas bania rakha. Umeed aa tusi mainu chhota veer samaj ke maaf kar deo ge. Tusi vote poun jarror jao, but jitthae tuhada dil karda. (Hands folded, I seek an apology from all those that I have hurt. I am a celebrity not because of any political party, but because of my fans. I am not attached with any party. In future, I will make sure that I don’t betray your trust in me. Please vote for any party that you may support.”

Gippy’s fans responded with magnanimity. In their comments, most sympathised with him for being dragged into the controversy.

The actor-singers have not only been flooded with hate mails from Punjab, Canada, Australia and Norway, but have also been criticised by the Punjabi music industry.

Diljit too has updated his Facebook page with a long explanation: “Ajj ton kuch 6-7 mahine pehlan mainu police de ADGP ji da fone aaya c te ohna ne dasseya c k Punjab Police lokaan di sahuliyat layi saanjh kendar khol rahi hai ate ossdi ad o mere ton karvauna chauhnde ne. Main iss nu ik changa kamm samjhde hoye bina koi paisa leyaan free ch eh ad kiti c. Oss vele mainu eh v andaaza nai c k eh ad elections vele v telecast kiti jayegi. Par hun mahaul edaan da ban gaya hai k mere saare fans nu, mere saroteyaan nu te mere saare punjabi bhaen bhraavaan nu eh lag reha hai k main ad vich ona nu kisey 1 party nu VOTE paun lai kiha hai …”

(Almost six months back, when approached by the ADGP, Punjab, I appeared in an advertisement on the Saanjh Kendars. I did the assignment free of cost. I had no idea that it would be telecast during the time of the elections. I haven’t asked anyone to vote for a particular party in the advertisement.) Punjabi singer Harbhajan Mann has posted a hand-written letter, explaining the reasons for appearing in the advertisement in which he talks about Badal Government’s good governance. The explanation has invited strong reactions from his fans. Most have commented that the damage has already been done.