Family of Indian student in Melbourne wants details of his death


Melbourne:  The family of an Indian student, who was found dead in a detention centre here, has said they are upset with the Australian government for not providing the details of the circumstances leading to his death.

Dalvir Singh, 27, died at the Maribyrnong Immigration detention centre on February 13 allegedly by hanging himself.

His brother Harpal Singh told SBS Punjabi radio channel that he did not receive any intimation from anyone in the Australian government about the death of his brother.

“It was an official at the Indian Consulate in Melbourne who called me and informed me about Dalvir’s death,” said Mr Singh, who is now an Australian citizen.

Mr Dalvir had arrived seven years ago on a student visa from Punjab and had enrolled himself in a college here. He finished two semesters of his course when he saw a closure notice on his college which shook him.

“Thereafter, he started spending more time with his friends as well,” Mr Singh recalled.

“Dalvir was a brave man and I am wondering how he could commit suicide. Was no one watching him doing that,” he said. “We have been calling the Australian authorities to seek answers but the only response we have received is that the investigations are going on,” he said.

“There should be timeframe as to when the inquiry will be finished and when we will have all the answers about what happened,” he said.

Mr Singh said the only help and support he and his family was receiving at this point was from the Indian authorities.

“The family and the Indian community needs answers about what happened. Why was he detained in this manner and why was he not given support? We need straight answers not secrecy and half-truths. If the government wants to expand Indian student numbers then it needs to show more humanity. Clearly it has failed in its duty of care with this student,” he added.