Hair Salon & Spa inaugurated by ‘Sadda Haq’ Star ‘Kuljinder Sidhu’


Owing its origin in Canada, the chain of Beauty Wellness Institutes and Salon-n-Spas running  at various places in India, today inaugurated its another Salon & Spa in Barnala. The inauguration was done by the hero and producer of much acclaimed Punjabi movie ‘Sada Haq’.

Kuljinder Sidhu & Dinesh Sood, the directors of the OXL group (the company which bought Orane  from Canada) informed that Orane has already established its centres in Amritsar, Nawanshahar, Hoshiarpur and now in Barnala and they said that more are on the way to be established in Punjab.

When asked by a Press-reporter about his views about this Anti-Sikh business, Sidhu was not able to provide a satisfactory answer. HE instead said that “There is nothing wrong with it”. Kuljinder Sidhu said that they were expecting to earn about 4-5 crores from their movie ‘Sadda Haq’ but it really did a great business of around 18-20 crores, of which 90 percent of the business was from abroad countries.

This is to be mentioned, that being a movie based on Sikh emotions relating to 1984 activities/riots, Sikh Community had built a special place for the leading hero Kuljinder Sidhu, however by getting into this anti-business, he has really made the Sikh COmmunity shamed of himself. The Sikh community need to realise that Kuljinder Sidhu is just a businessman and a normal person like other Movie stars and for him ‘Sadda Haq’ movie is just a part of his business.