Melbourne Taxi drivers protest at Airport against the end of the short-fare scheme


About 40 taxi drivers gathered at Melbourne Airport to protest against the end of the short-fare scheme.

An airport spokesperson said up to five drivers attempted to block the feeder rank between 10am and noon on Tuesday, resulting in only minor delays for passengers seeking a taxi.

The protest comes after hundreds of taxi drivers staged a blockade at the airport in June following the end of a short-fare system, where drivers on a small trip could jump to the front of the queue.

Taxi driver Manpreet Kharoud was involved in the June blockade, but said he could no longer justify taking strike action.

“If you go there you just lose your time, you get upset, and what’s the point?” he said.

The spokesperson said the airport would “continue to work with the Victorian Taxi Commission” before considering any changes to the fare system.


Source: The Age