Queensland Daredevil smashes Bungy Jumping World Record


QUEENSLAND adrenaline junkie Jay Phoenix has smashed a world record for bungy jumping but he’s paying for it.

A Queensland daredevil smashed a world record for the most bungy jumps in 24 hours with 150 jumps. Source: AAP

It took Mr Phoenix just more than 21 hours to complete 150 jumps from a 40 metre platform over a racetrack south of Brisbane.

It was a cracking pace that averaged out at just more than seven jumps an hour, and blew the previous record for the most jumps in 24 hours out of the water.

South African Kevin Scott Huntly managed only 105 when he claimed the record in 2011.

Early on Friday morning, Mr Phoenix was elated but sore.

I’m in good spirits but especially fatigued,” he told ABC radio.

I’ve got sore ankles, a sore neck, sore shoulders and I’m really, really tired.”

None of that can be surprising given how he’s spent the past 24 hours, leaping into thin air time after time and being pulled up in violent fashion by the elastic rope tethered to his legs.


Source: The Australian