Bushfire emergencies in Western Sydney


Emergency warnings have been issued for two fires, one burning in the area around Tickner Road at Castlereagh, the other is a grassfire at Richmond Road at Hawkesbury.

The Castlereagh fire is burning under strong northerly winds and is burning towards properties on Devlin Road. There is a threat to properties.

The fire is burning towards Nutt Road.

Authorities say if your plan is to leave and it is safe to do so, go to the oval on Castle Street at Castlereagh.

Stay up to date on this fire with information from the Rural Fire Service here.

The Hawkesbury fire is burning in the area of Bennett Road at Windsor. The fire is burning under strong northerly winds.

There is the potential for the fire to impact on properties around George Street and the area of Bligh Park.

The fire has crossed Garfield Road and is now burning in the Windsor Downs Nature Reserve.

Residents here should seek shelter as the fire impacts and protect yourself from the heat of the fire.

The RFS says there has been community information telling people to go to the Penrith Whitewater Stadium. Do not travel in this direction, as there is fire in the area.

Seek shelter as the fire impacts and avoid driving in smokey conditions.

“They’re burning in similar conditions, but dangerous conditions,” Rural Fire Service spokeswoman Laura Ryan said.

“We need the people in the areas to help us help them by taking action now.”

Conditions may be changing, so residents should continue to monitor the situation and follow your Bush Fire Survival Plan.

Firefighters are working to contain the fire and protect properties, and residents should follow the advice of firefighters.

An Emergency Alert telephone warning has been sent to phones in the area.


Source: ABC News