Manmeet Singh Khalsa



Waheguru Ji ka khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh ji

I’ll just say “Ham rultay firtay koi baat na poochta gur satgur sang keeray ham thaapay

Its just humbleness of Guru Gobind Singh ji who blessed such a dirty worm and a worthless being like me with his amrit.

I was such a notorious guy and did everything which we usually see in teenagers. I started listening to katha and kirtan and came to know about our own history and heritage. I felt very ashamed after listening to itehas of chote sahibjyade and all shaheed singhs and realised that they sacrificed their life for the sake of sikhi and love for gurusahib ji and when I saw myself infront of the mirror I felt really ashamed on myself. Then I decided and did ardas to gurusahib ji that please bless me with your beloved sikhi and slowly – slowly I felt in love with my father Guru Gobind Singh Ji and he made me his son on 7 feb 2010. On that day I found a an eternal father like Guru Gobind Singh ji.

I feel proud to be his son and always beg for his beloved sikhi till my last breath.

Manmeet Singh Khalsa