Exclusive: ISI tells Sikh militants to attack India or leave Pakistan


sikhmillitantSikh militants enjoying a safe haven in Pakistan for years are under pressure to mount fresh operations in India. Central intelligence agencies have gathered information that the ISI has told top leaders of these militants groups that they can continue living there only if they carry out terror strikes in India.

A note prepared by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has details of the ISI’s new strategy to revive Sikh militancy in the country. “The ISI message has been loud and clear that safe havens will only be available at a price and the price would be to rekindle the fire of Sikh militancy in India,” the note says.

The document states that while terror operatives will be identified by the Sikh terrorists in Pakistan, training will be provided by specialists from the ISI. “The ISI has even offered to provide suitable liaison with functional terror groups such as Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (LeT).”

Inputs gathered suggest that Ratandeep Singh of Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) has been identified as the man by the ISI who will lead the charge. Sources said it is suspected that he has already visited India recently to identify some of the recruits. “Currently Ratandeep is believed to have assembled a small group of Sikh youth in Pakistan and is indoctrinating them and providing training on assembling IEDs and operating weapons like AK-47s,” according to the note.

With these inputs corroborating the revelations made by LeT operative Abdul Karim Tunda in Delhi Police’s custody that ISI is backing BKI and other groups to reignite Sikh militancy, intelligence agencies are keeping a close watch on activities of sympathisers of these groups not only in India but also abroad.

Source: India Today