Back to Sikhi: Navdeep Singh, Canada

Navdeep Singh - Back To Sikhi By SinghStation

I was born and raised in a Hindu tradition family. If i put in words, I would say my father is from Hindu family while my mother from a Sikh family. I was a bit forced by father to follow the Hindu traditions but i was always looking for something better. Because I always knew that there is something better than this somewhere.

I grew up in India spent 18 years and moved to Canada. Moving to Canada, being on my own having no relatives or friends to help me, I started doing drugs and wrong things i could possibly do. But there was always something missing. It was just not what i been searching for. And after a year later, I bought an used car. It had an stereo in it and that time i could not afford a new CD of songs from market like one of Honey Singh’s or whatever. So one day i was at one truck repair shop and he had all kinds of Shabad Kirtan CD’s there. I asked him if i can take some of the CD’s as i spent all my money on drugs, doing wrong things and buying the car. He said yes. I took couple of Cd’s. And i started listening to it every day i drive.

Months later I started going to Gurudwara Sahib once in a week. I always had to take off my ear rings first put it in the change box and then put my patka on which was always sitting in my glove box.
One day i entered the parking lot of Gurudwara Sahib, I did park my car but sitting there in it, Got my head together and Wondering!!!!!

Why I Remove My Ear Ring Every Day? Why I Put Patka On My Head Everyday? there must be??????.
On that day i did remove earrings and put patka on but not just i was going to Gurudwara Sahib for 10-15 minutes but for REST OF LIFE.

And here i am now. More than happy than ever in my life. I did change my last name to Singh. Found nothing better than GuruSikhi in this world.

Waheguru G Da Khalsa
Wahegrur G Di Fateh

Navdeep Singh