Project Khalsa Australia


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !

As a follow-up from the recently held Khalsa Camp in Berri, New South Wales, Australia from the 16th – 20th January 2013, (Truly an amazing inspirational experience), it was deemed necessary that the sangat get together and create a project addressing the issues within the panth.

A Project For the YOUth, By the YOUth!
The solution:
‘Project Khalsa Australia’ For the YOUth, By the YOUth!

As aforementioned, Project Khalsa is an initative aimed at targeting issues in the panth, and the wider Sikh community. The vision of Project Khalsa is described below in the “About” section.

This can only be achieved by ‘Uniting as ONE Panth’ – ONE Family – of the ONE true Lord.

As a Khalsa Panth, it is our Duty to work together, to UNITE, and aim for the same goal as a FAMILY. We need the experience of the ELDERS and energy of today’s YOUTH to make things happen. At the moment, we are all coming up with little ideas, but we are not taking a step FORWARD!


When the older generations LEAVE this Earth, WHERE will we stand? WHO will run the gurdwara? WHO is going to have the knowledge to take hukamnama, do Prakash and Sukhasan di Sewa? So…What’s being brought forward?

With Guru’s Grace, under Project Khalsa Australia, there are a number of branches, each aimed at different, yet equally important aspects of the community, namely:

Khalsa Camp (Already Running)

Khalsa Kirtan (Friday Youth Kirtan)

These establishments should be the goals of the Panth in near proximity Khalsa Sewa: Aimed at serving not only the Sikh community, but the wider Australian community too Khalsa Singhs: A regular forum where Singhs (All brothers regardless of age, spiritual beliefs, or spiritual level) get together to create a sense of family and unity. Monthly events like sporting competitions or outings may be arranged to tighten bonds between the Singhs, whilst other events such as going Bush Walking and chanting Guru’s name, or going to the beach at Amrit Vela (Ambrosial Hours of the Morning) and meditating within nature, may also be arranged.

Khalsa Kaurs: Similar to Khalsa Singhs, but Kaurs get together and encourage the family spirit.

Khalsa Law Society: A team aimed at gaining social equality and justice for all matters; further addressing humanitarian issues and voicing the say of the Sikh Panth.

Khalsa Fitness: An initiative directed towards all, young and old, male and female! Making sure the Sikh community is able to stand strong and proud! A fitter panth, leads to a happier panth.

KhalsaTalks: Run by professionals who travel to different schools in the area and educate the wider Australian society about Sikhs and who we are. Khalsa talks also aims at getting inspirational and motivational speakers to come and not only educate about the Sikh way of life, but further to inspire the YOUth to be the best they can be!

Though it is quite apparent that none of these initiatives can go forward without the grace of Maharaj and the ongoing support of the sangat. If there’s anything else you’d like information about, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
Project Khalsa, For the YOUth, By the YOUth
Ramneek Singh

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